U P D A T E :
Jan.30.2016 - updated blog.
Jan.24.2016 - Another printable Valentine cards at my shop @ Etsy.
Jan.18.2016 - I created printable mini Valentine cards for my shop @ Etsy.
Jan.17.2016 - updated blog.
Jan.10.2016 - updated blog.
Dec.27.2015 - Got Instagram! Follow me here @kiddyfactory! Also updated blog about it.
Dec.20.2015 - Updated blog
Dec.13.2015 - Updated DIY page in my blog. More things to craft!
Dec.13.2015 - Updated blog. This years Christmas Tree Decoration!
Nov.22.2015 - Updated blog.
Nov.21.2015 - Updated images in the gallery section.
Nov.15.2015 - Updated blog.
Nov.08.2015 - I created mini calendar for my shop @ Etsy.
Oct.25.2015 - Updated blog.
Oct.24.2015 - Created Facebook Page. Follow me here for updates!